When to submit a meter read

When to Submit a Meter Read

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Submitting regular meter readings helps us learn how much energy you are using. We recommend doing this monthly to allow us, as your energy supplier, to check that your bills are accurate - and so you can budget for the energy you actually use. Don’t worry if you forget to submit a reading; we’ll estimate your reading for you. Estimates will be based on historical use and so if you’re trying to be more energy efficient and reduce how much energy you’re using, this won’t be reflected in an estimated bill.

It’s easy to submit meter readings through your online account, where you can also opt into meter read reminders. Read our blog about how to submit meter readings for more information.

Should I submit a meter reading now or wait until 30 September?

Before the last price change in April, there was a lot of media focus on National Meter Reading Day as the day before the new cap to energy prices comes into force. For the upcoming energy changes, that’s 30 September. But the reality is, the best way to always make sure you’re paying the right amount for your energy use is to submit regular meter reads.

The key thing here is that you don’t need to wait and submit your meter read on 30 September. Any time before now and 1 October is a good time to send us your reads. And if you can keep up with regular meter reads then we’ll keep on top of your payments to make sure you’re always up to date with the latest information on your account.

Beat the queues and submit your meter read online any time from 26 September.

I forgot to submit a meter reading before 1 October - now what?

If you didn’t manage to submit a reading before 1 October, don’t worry. We will have carefully estimated your usage based on historical readings, and used this estimate to review your payments. Just send us a meter reading as soon as you remember - you can learn how here.

I’m on a fixed tariff and my end date isn’t coming up for a while. Do I need to do anything?

No, there’s nothing for you to do. At the end of your fixed tariff date, you will automatically be moved to the So Flex variable tariff as this is currently our only available tariff. At this point, the units of gas and electricity you use will be capped at the Government rate.

You won’t need to submit a meter reading before 1 October, but we do continue to recommend that everyone with a traditional meter submits a meter reading monthly to ensure that you’re paying an accurate amount for your energy use.

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