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Ranked #1 by Citizens Advice


What it means to be number one…

Our company mission: To provide our customers with great value renewable energy and simple, clear, outstanding service

We always strive to be best in class, to provide our customers with exceptional service and great value renewable energy. So, when we heard the news that we scored number one in the most recent Citizens Advice Rating (Oct 17 – Dec 17), well, we couldn’t be happier.

Suppliers across the energy industry in the UK were rated out of of 5, in the 5 different categories set out by Citizens Advice, these scores were then totalled and weighed to create a final score.

The five categories were:

Complaints: 5/5 We’re super impressed with this as we are always looking for ways to ensure that we give our customers the best service possible and handle everything that they need in the best and fairest manner.

Billing: 5/5 Accuracy, 4/5 Timeliness We've already put in place some changes to ensure that our timeliness should always hit 5* in the future.

Customer service: 5/5 If you want to get onto us, you can super quickly. We answered the phone on average in 24 seconds and scored a total of 5/5.

Switching: 5/5 We scored 100% of valid switches completed in 21 days or less.

Customer Guarantees: 3/5 We don't currently offer service to prepayment meters and we're reviewing these guarantees to see how we can improve in this area.

Overall, we scored a 4.7 out of 5 to come out on top.

We really believe that the ratings system by Citizen’s Advice is very important for all customers in the UK, as it allows them to pick an energy company based on things that are important to them, and we’re so proud to be serving our customers and coming out on top. We believe that service is equally as important as price.

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What can we do to help?

We asked some of our staff members what they thought:

Alex, one of our Customer Service Advisers said: “This is excellent news and, it goes to show that our commitment to excellent customer service is being recognised and makes a real difference to our customers”.

Nilesh, our Customer Service Manager said: “At So Energy customer service is at the heart of everything that everyone at So Energy does. So Energy was created to make a difference in a market where consumers had very little trust and faith in their energy supplier. Today's results show that we are making change in favour of the consumer; not only are we offering great prices, we're also offering great service.”

If you would like to read more about our rating and the other energy companies that we were scored against, you can do so here: