earth hour

In celebration of fighting for our earth


What’s the one thing that connects all of us human beings, each living different and unique lives in various places? It’s our earth, the place that each and every one of us calls home. Our home is so important and fighting for it, even more so.

Fighting climate change is about doing the little things that, when everyone takes part, add up to a big change. Turning off your TV instead of leaving it on standby. Bringing your Bag for Life to the shops, instead of buying a new one. Putting that plastic in the recycling and not the ordinary bin. But how do you go about getting these ideas into the public consciousness? How do you send a message to the world about climate change?

This is a question that some forward thinking Australians at the World Wildlife Fund were pondering back in the mid-2000’s. They came up with the fantastic idea of switching off all of the electric lights in Sydney for an hour, at the end of March 2007. Since this date, the event is observed worldwide as a symbol of commitment to our planet and to celebrate environmental action. 

This year, Earth Hour falls on March 24th, between 8:30pm to 9:30pm, wherever you are. The biggest (and easiest) one is to switch off any non-essential electric lights for the full hour. This symbolic gesture makes for some remarkable images, where a city that ordinarily shines brightly against the nights sky is plunged into darkness. It’s also a good bit of fun, lighting up some candles and getting off the screens for an hour.

There are a ton of events celebrating the planet and raising awareness of what we can do to help. Check out the Earth Hour website for more details on what’s going on near you. 

Here at So Energy, we believe that saving the environment is a cause worth fighting for and Earth Hour is a great way to get involved. Whether it’s our upcoming Plastic Free Challenge (stay tuned!), our Step Count Challenge at the end of last year which encouraged the staff to walk instead of driving wherever possible, or our commitment to providing 100% renewable electricity to all of our customers, this is something we live every day. 

I asked our resident environmental champion, Cassie Farrugia, what she thought about Earth Hour. “Our Earth is our home and our friend” she said, “and it needs our help”. I couldn’t have said it better myself Cassie. 

What are you up to this Earth Hour? Get in touch to let us know. And if there’s something you think So Energy can do to contribute to climate health, please tell us! We love a good green idea! 

No change is ever too small to help our earth. Remember to switch off this Earth Hour and #connect2earth :D