So Energy and Ripple

Own Part of a Wind Farm, with Ripple and So Energy

So Energy

Did you spot our recent update about our new partnership with Ripple Energy

Ripple is the largest wind farm owned by the customers it supplies globally and - thanks to Ripple’s partnership with So Energy - we are now able to provide our customers with green electricity directly from a wind farm to their home, via the grid. Not only do you literally part-own the wind farm itself, you’ll also save money and reduce your carbon footprint in the process. To find out more about how the partnership works, read our blog post introducing Ripple here

Or perhaps you’re thinking about signing up, but are keen to know a bit more about the benefits of buying a share in Ripple’s newest wind farm, Kirk Hill? Read on to learn more about the benefits that existing Ripple customers are already seeing…

How much could I save on my energy bills from owning part of a wind farm?

Ripple recently shared data showing the amount that members of its first wind farm, Graig Fatha, saved on their electricity bills within the first month - and the results were pretty impressive. The average saving per member was almost £18 in March, with many members saving much more; over £60 in some cases. In the first three weeks of the turbine operating, Ripple members saved an incredible £16,185 in total. 

Overall, the Graig Fatha wind farm generated 342 MWh of low cost, green power. With the average home using around 2,900kWh annually, that's enough electricity to power 118 homes for an entire year! In addition, the greener energy generated by the Graig Fatha turbine has already saved over 72,00 Kg CO2e, which is the equivalent of 25,934 trees.

How long will it take me to cover the cost of buying my share in the wind farm?

The length of time it will take to recoup the investment you make in Kirk Hill will depend on how much of the wind farm you decide to buy. You can use Ripple’s calculator tool to find out how much it will cost you to own enough to cover your home’s electricity consumption.

It’s good to bear in mind, though, that rising electricity prices mean that members’ savings are predicted to remain higher than Ripple originally expected. This means that the ‘payback period’ (the length of time it takes to cover the cost of your share) is set to significantly shorten, compared to initial predictions.

In fact, members of Ripple’s Graig Fatha wind farm have reported that their payback period has shrunk from 14 years to as little as five years. 

Okay, I’m sold - how long do I have left to register?

With over 4,000 people signing up to join Kirk Hill wind farm already, you’ll need to move quickly, as there are only a few spots remaining. 

Kirk Hill is due to close for new membership at midnight on Tuesday 3rd May - although it may be even sooner if the wind farm sells out before then. Keep an eye on the Ripple website for exact details, where you can also get a quote or get in touch for more information. 

And if you miss out on Kirk Hill, don’t worry. On Tuesday 3rd May Ripple will also be opening reservations for its third project, details of which will be available later in 2022.

What next?

If you’re a So Energy customer you can learn more about becoming a Ripple member here.