Behind So Energy: Nicholas Rebelo

Behind So Energy: Nicholas Rebelo

So Energy

What is your job title?

I’m a Senior Learning and Development Trainer at So Energy.

How long have you been working at So Energy?

I’ve been at So Energy since July 2017. When I joined, there were only about 30 of us working on the team!

Can you tell us a little bit about your career background - how did you first get started working in the energy industry?

Prior to joining So Energy I was living and working in South Africa, where I worked for the second biggest brewery in the world, SAB. I was at SAB for four years, where I became very familiar with customer service and working in a call centre setting.

Then I moved to the UK, where I was hired as a Payments and Collections adviser with So, and I’ve been here ever since. During this time, I’ve been given the opportunity to identify the transferable skills I have that can be applied to different roles within the business, and that’s led me to my role today - working as a trainer within our Learning and Development team. 

Can you explain what your role at So entails?

As a Quality and Training Specialist, I work as part of the company’s Learning and Development team. I’m currently responsible for training creation, delivering training to new So Energists as well as identifying key areas for staff development.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Helping people progress at work, and being able to be there to offer support to other people across the company. I’m a real people person and working in Learning and Development gives me the chance to get to know everyone, across all of our departments. Speaking to other people and getting to know them really motivates me. 

Is there a recent project or achievement at work that you've been particularly proud of? 

I’m really proud of the work I’ve done to scope out and deliver a new training programme for our Energy Independence teams. Our objective is to get customers excited about energy independence and having the ability to generate their own energy at home, such as through the use of solar. So the training I developed is all about how we communicate how So Energy can help people do just that. I deliver this training internally to new starters, covering everything from the products and services we offer - such as So Energy Solar - what they entail, and the role they can play in protecting the planet. 

After four and a half years of working for So, this type of work is one of the reasons I'm still in the Energy industry - I get to teach people about renewable energy and the part we can all play in reaching net zero, through green energy production.

What do you like doing outside of work to recharge your batteries?

I relax by playing on my PS5, and love to travel often (even solo). As a personal interest, I also enjoy learning about mycology (the study of fungi & mushrooms) and am working on a mental health course.

Describe So Energy in 3 words

Energetic. Youthful. Spontaneous.